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For the viewers' attention:

The Appalachian School presents an experiment:
In the collaborative happening
Of artistic events
Without the aid of secondary interpretation (without a curatorial dogma)
Without the aid of a scenario
Without the aid of a commercial art context

This experimental project aims at creating a truly international, absolute language of art based on its total separation from the language of education and market.


The Appalachian School Exhibition | Happenings | Text | Players | A.S.

The Pittsburgh based Appalachian School is an extended network of international artists working together to redefine the experimental lexicon of art.

In March of 2006 The Appalachian School debuts ‘The Spring Event’ in Pittsburgh, a site-specific exhibition at the Three Rivers Arts Festival Gallery. The project reflects an inclusive and inventive collaborative program, activating multiple 'high and low' art sites throughout the region, online, and internationally. Film screenings, live performances, interdisciplinary collaborations, and installation art hallmark the Spring Event.

International artists convene in Pittsburgh to showcase modern developments in art, moving image and design. This year artists representing Holland, The United Kingdom, and Germany join American artists living and working in the Appalachian Region.

The Appalachian School utilizes the Pittsburgh based Three Rivers Arts Festival as an exhibition site in accordance to the festival's mission:

" promote the arts in all of their forms and to expand the public awareness and acceptance of new art forms created beyond the mainstream culture. TRAF strives to blur the lines between “high” and “low” art by setting forth a new definition of art as inclusive and inventive. Contemporary life is one of multiple meanings, images, ethnicities and influences, and today’s arts are seen on line, on streets, on bodies and in every day media. The Festival format, with open stages, flexible exhibit spaces and free admission, is the perfect setting for promoting experimentation and acceptance of today’s new arts."

The Appalachian School's Spring Event commences March 17, 2006 at 937 Liberty Avenue, from 6:00pm until late.


The Appalachian School Exhibition | Happenings | Text | Players | A.S.

Showcasing Pittsburgh's unique cooperative and collaborative community within Appalachia, a series of interdisciplinary happenings will occur throughout the region from March through June. Forging new forms in contemporary practice, these interdisciplinary collaborations remain site-specific to their venues and unique to the artists participating.

American Pavilion (HOT HOUSE event), East End
The Allegheny Observatory, Riverview Park
Gallery, Lawrenceville
North Shore
Michael Johnsen Performances (Europe)
Righteous Spring
Paint and Body, Wilkinsburg
Three Rivers Arts Festival Gallery
88.3 WRCT
National Public Radio Atlanta
Orgone Archive Screenings

The Appalachian School Exhibition | Happenings | Text | Players | A.S.

The Appalachian School Exhibition | Happenings | Text | Players | A.S.

IAN WILLIAMS (Johnstown / Brooklyn) is a musician. Recent projects include Battles, Don Caballero, and Storm and Stress. His recordings can be found on Warp Records, Dimmak Records, Monitor Records and Touch and Go Records.

WILLEM WEISMANN (Eindhoven NL / London UK) is a painter. He has exhibited recently at The Saatchi Gallery (London), Regina Gallery (Moscow), and Mogadishni (Copenhagen).

JENNIFER LEE (Pocono Mountains / Huntington) is a painter. Recently she co-curated Incineration Salon, Mt. Pocono and exhibited at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.

TOM HALL (Ford City / San Francisco) is a graphic illustrator. Tom's work regularly appears in Dazed and Confused and Intersection magazines.

MICHAEL JOHNSEN (Pittsburgh) is an artist and musician. Recent recordings include Patience Tryouts on Recorded Records.

LAURI MANCUSO (Pittsburgh) is an artist and curator. Recent curatorial projects include Paint and Body and Arrow Gallery.

ADAM DUPASKI (Canton / Krakow PL) is a poet born in Ohio currently
living in Poland.

ADAM SIPE (Greensburg / Queens) is a painter. He has exhibtied recetly at the Ulrich Museum of Art (Witchita), Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Miller Gallery (Pittsburgh), 1926 Gallery (Chicago). Adam recently received his Masters in Painting from Bard College.

HILARY STRANG (Chicago) is a writer.

GORDON NELSON (Pittsburgh) is a member of Jefferson Presents..., a film collective based in Pittsburgh. Current programs are screened at Garfield Artworks.

MYRZA DEVA de MUYNCK (Goes NL / London UK) is a designer. She has exhibited recently at Arnhem Mode Bienale (Arnhem) and in Purple magazine. Myrza has recently been awarded the Charlotte Kohler Prize (NL).

EVA BERENDES (Cologne / Berlin DE) is a sculptor. She has exhibited recently at Lothringer Dreizehn, Space for Contemporary Art (Munich) and Goethe Institute (Dublin).

THE ORGONE ARCHIVE (Pittsburgh) is a motion picture archive and exhibition outfit since 1993. O.A. has exhibtied recently at Anthology Film Archives (New York) and The Aurora Picture Show (Houston). Current custodian - Greg Pierce.

PETER COFFIN (Berkeley / Brooklyn) is a sculptor. He has exhibited recently at Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst (Zurich) and Andrew Kreps Gallery (New York).

ED UM BUCHOLTZ (Pittsburgh) is an artist, curator and DJ. He has exhibited recently at Arrow Gallery (Pittsburgh) and programmed events for The Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh).

KYLE ABRAHAM (Pittsburgh / New York) is a dancer and coreographer. He has performed as a member of the Bill T. Jones / Arnie Zane Dance Company, recently as a guest artist with the Anna Myers Dance Company, and has opened for recording artist Mary J. Blige.

PHIL BOYD (Pittsburgh) is a musician and performing artist. Recent projects include Phil Boyd & The Hidden Twin and The Modey Lemon (with Jason Kirker and Paul Quattrone). His recordings can be found on Birdman Records, Mute Records and Faux Totem Records.

TERRY YOUNG (Pittsburgh) is a printmaker.



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